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Where the Bunny Meets the Bear

by Peter Squires

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Another day turns into night and I've been inside the whole time the colors of trees change when they die and come back to life, but I just die You're alive, you're alive don't let it pass you by we'll miss you, we love you you will be happy again in time I didn't mean to hide I can see myself from the outside and I know what I'm doing is exactly what I shouldn't do but it's hardest to change when you're feeling blue This was a mistake and yeah we all die, it just felt like time like a decent time to sell high But succumbing is weak and ridiculous vices will not abide all consuming drive I'm consuming mine
Go Forth 02:38
I'd never hit the road before, I'd hardly sang a song I didn't know it was possible to stare at nothing for so long But there's one thing that I did know and that's that it was time to go I'd sat and moped for long enough cried all my tears and all that stuff so I went forth all by myself yeah I went forth to define myself Go forth young man, adventure awaits Go forth young man, don't wait til it's safe Just because life hands you pain and loss don't mean you can't show that motherfucker who's boss so go forth, young man. Yeah go be great. I built up all my confidence, but I was unprepared I'd never felt so free before, but never been so scared I left the people I knew best community I swore would last my father even left me be when I told him not to question me and I went forth all on my own yeah I went forth to the unknown
Come on down, come on down sweet release, think I'll know you when I see you it's getting hot, and it's sticky out I'd wring you if I could but it's hard to breathe when the air's so hard to see through go to town, go to town sweet belief in a dream can really feed you but life is short and it's running out so you'd better make it good and if you start to bleed, know at least it means the grass grew What's that sound? Find that sound! hit the streets and unfreeze the chill that held you I spun my wheels, but now I'm spinning out with nylon strings and wood and nothing stands between us and everything we can do
Two Bunnies 03:34
When mama bear laid to rest inside two bunnies appeared upon the lawn their appearance there came as some surprise and when mama bear left us they were gone They came to carry her soul away and waited there patiently for the time and when her soul left 'twas theirs to take to a place for a rest that was divine For those of us who are still awake the site of them rang a comfort tone while the rest of us try to find our way it's good to know mama's not on her own But now i stay in my own dark cave and the two little bunnies might be outside i do not think they would come today but i'll happily go with them when it's my time to see my mama on the other side And i know some day they'll come for mine and my search for a home will be complete me mama and the bunnies will all say hi and we'll jump for joy in pastures green
If I hadn't changed, when you turned the lights out If I hadn't changed, would you set my heart aquiver? Back in the day, you know the day we first met I thought you were okay but had my eye on something better Now far away, though we made our beds then, I suddenly figured I could just forget her Look at this face, it's a face of goodness That appreciates I won't send her down the river Sure there's a taste I don't wanna linger on But there's a place where if we can we'll make it bigger If I say it's so, I will make it so!
It's been more than ten months since last we spoke I'm trying to start over with new folks I've moved onto new girls in new places but I'm still defined by our failed relations All the things you did still haunt me And time has healed some wounds, but I'm flawed, see? I know I'm not the first here to feel betrayed But to love again I must relieve this burdensome weight The fire in my belly's still fueled by anger and hate Try as I may to uplift it just ends up feeling fake Only a year and a half after we went and looked at a house Talk of forever and future plans feels foolish now I forged a whole new identity out of the monster you made me And I believe you didn't want to hurt me But knowing that you did didn't change a thing I'd offer my self-satisfied forgiveness But you forgave yourself first, you skipped a step! And sure I want closure and to put this to rest I don't care about your feelings or what happens next 'Cause forgiveness without remorse is just letting go and I don't want to forget, I want to learn and grow I fear the only thing that will make my debt feel repaid is knowing that karma revisited you in spades and if that's how the universe chooses to vindicate the only lesson I'll have learned is that being vindictive pays I forged a whole new identity out of the monster you made me no matter who has the last laugh, you created me and we all know that means you can destroy me
Heaven 04:05
What am I waiting for? A shot at redemption? An inkling of foresight toward some delayed gratification? We all have places we want to go Yeah we want them so badly You can't convince me the point of life comes after the ending So keep an eye on today If you're not happy now then you never will be And I don't mean to say it's not alright to dream But today is the only guarantee Maybe no one goes to heaven But you know damn well that you'll suffer like hell if you don't make peace Me I'm going nowhere when I die But in the ground with Xs for eyes That's alright with me When will it be good enough if you've been waiting for this long? A second after you're blown away you'll likely find something that is wrong What am I looking for? the grass don't greener than this! All the pleasures I've yet to have and all the pleasures that I miss
I wanted to kiss you, but I was afraid if you didn't want to the magic would fade and I could have been braver, I could have shot straight but the cake was so perfect, I felt the icing could wait But the magic was there, that's no question we all felt something on that night but your house is your home and it was time to turn out the lights Normally I would you, or at least ask to your face but your signals were unclear so I did not push the pace put my cards on the table after the game was done now I can't seem to let go of that one night of fun I know faint hearts never won fair lady maybe some hearts are too fair for me hope you'll always remember me fondly and are flattered, not scared off, by embarassing honesty In case it is what you wanted, guess I wanted to say that I still think about it to this very day but none of it would be worth it if you turned me away so I used my discretion and hoped the magic would stay Guess there's always the future, maybe in the next life I could be your next suitor, you could be my next wife yeah I could have been braver, I could have shot straight but the cake was so perfect, I felt the icing could wait
Lovers 02:42
At Classon Ave and St. John's Place Our corners met like Perfect Strangers The boys would show their poker face and girls ignored imminent danger and everyone knew where they stood and even though I missed my mother I felt at home in many ways and we were all feeling each other But roaches came and bedbugs too and so the time came for me and you the glory years, the salad days when we were all lovers So then we left, one at a time from window views of friends and neighbors and we all went our separate ways the fizzle fed our own endeavors but that was then and this is now we've been through how I felt all last year I had to leave to see just how those times deserved to be remembered for then it was my home, I'm sad to say it's gone the glory years, the salad days when we were all lovers
For quite some time I felt quite blue About where to be and what to do 'til somehow fates crossed me and you and sent you on your way from Mississippi to the woods of Maine you run and skip and jump and play I give you treats and heaps of praise as long as you behave Mississippi Noodle Hound so glad to have you around once was lost but now I'm found and you helped me to get there back when I was so depressed you helped me get up outta my head focusing on you instead of myself made me feel so much better You wag your butt when I come home never feel like I'm alone You take me to my comfort zone when comfort's what I need You bark your head off at the neighbors and everyone who passes by but to me you're a sweety-pie having you here's good for me


Peter Squires goes electric! Playing nearly all the instruments, he ventures into new musical territory to tell tales of adventure, love, loss, and growth - while continuing to display his trademark honesty, humor, and heart.


released April 23, 2013

All songs written by Peter Squires

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Guy Capecelatro III and Marc McElroy at The Electric Cave in Portsmouth, NH

Lead vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, banjo, lap steel and trombone by Peter Squires

Additional vocals by Guy Capecelatro III, Mara Flynn, Seth Gooby, Stephanie Katz, and Juliet Nelson

Additional guitars on "Heaven" and "Sweet Release" by Guy Capecelatro III

Organ on "Go Forth" and "Two Bunnies" by Marc McElroy

Cello on "Creator/Destroyer" by Juliet Nelson

Album Art by Nathaniel Parker Raymond / OTHER Illustration & Design

Profuse Thanks to Guy Capecelatro III, Marc McElroy, Seth Gooby, Mara Flynn and Juliet Nelson for your immense talent and generosity.

Additional thanks to Marco Castro, Stephanie Katz, Andy Kennedy, Anne Marple and Lizzie Wright for your amazing advice and friendship.

Thank you for listening!


all rights reserved



Peter Squires Madbury, New Hampshire

Combining humor & heartbreak, Peter Squires can brighten your day or bring you down with just a few chords. A witty songwriter & talented instrumentalist, Squires is never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

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